Tired of the New Year’s Resolution of losing weight? Tired of yo-yo dieting with results that do not last? Implement these three simple steps to create sustainable results right now.

1. Plan in Advance for Meals and Snacks

It is inevitable that you will get hungry, and when you do, it’s very easy to consume anything that is readily available. Things that you normally would not eat, now look especially good to you. This is where so many people hit pitfalls, you’re not alone. Planning in advance, and having healthy foods readily available is key to excelling in this area. I created a personalized guide and workbook with tips on how best to plan in advance for your individual schedule. You can obtain your free copy by joining my email list at www.doctorfelice.com, and you will receive my 3-part series, “A Nurse’s Secret: 6 Simple Ways to Lose Weight, Relieve Stress, and Eat Healthier this Week.”

2. Visualize your Outcomes

Visualization is key to identifying goals to work towards. You must first be able to mentally see a goal before you will physically see it manifested in your life.

Now you may be at a point in your health where you feel a little defeated and overwhelmed with your current state. I know, and that’s okay because it happens to us all at some point. At these times, it’s especially hard to imagine a health goal of getting to your ideal body size, or getting off that insulin. This is actually the main reason you really HAVE to do this step.

When you look in the mirror and know that you can use some improvements, it’s important to replace that view with a vision of what you want (and will achieve). I encourage you to find images that depict what you want and put them in places that you look often.

I personally did this as I started my full-time doctoral program while working and building a business. The pounds kept creeping up, and my confidence in my ability to lose weight kept slowly creeping down. This is what I did: I made a collage on my computer with images of what I wanted to see in my life (i.e. a lady that resembled me with toned abs and a small waistline) and I made this collage my screen saver. I sit at my computer for hours at a time, so why not refresh the image of what’s going in my mind? I also took time every morning to visualize the results I wanted, affirmed my ability to get it done, listened to positive messages in my vehicle while I drove, avoided the temptation to frequently weigh myself, and I worked as hard as possible within my time constraints.

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