“Prior to working with Felice, I had very high standards for nurses due to previous experiences with great nurses. Felice Carlton had to compete with these high standards. Without any hesitation after the first time meeting Felice, there was no doubt she would be the best nurse that I could ever work with to achieve my goals. I was also able to trust her and have her as my personal health coach. By working personally with Felice, I was able to lose over 35 pounds in approximately three months and decreased my daily amount of needed Insulin due to diabetes. I felt great and confident after achieving my individual goals, mostly because of Felice’s ability to facilitate and provide the right guidance towards achieving my goals!

Personally, I am astonished and in awe as I think about the treasures and attributes in which God has blessed Felice. She is a great nurse with the warmest personality that elevates her to a higher level than her peers. Both I and my family thank you Felice for all you have done for me!”

Charles R. Johnson, United States Army Sergeant (Retired)






“Thanks Felice I’ve learned to love and be loved.  Before Health Coaching, I didn’t like the person I had become; I was bitter, judgmental and harbored a lot of anger toward people who I felt had hurt me. Through Health Coaching with Felice, I was able to identify the role I had played in each situation and why I had allowed myself to continue to carry all this resentment with me for years. I’ve learned to appreciate more the power of forgiveness and accepting people for who they are and not who I wanted them to be. Health Coaching has played a major role in the changes I feel I’m going through, and today I’m concentrating  on really the only thing that I have complete control of (myself) and I’m happier today than I have allowed myself to be in years.”

Dorothy Howard, Department of Veterans Affairs,
Sergeant First Class, United States Army, retired, Fayetteville, NC


“Through countless conversations together, Felice has assisted me on getting healthier with her advice, this includes proper hydration and other medical issues. Her medical expertise has made a huge impact on my life.”

Tasha Johnson, Aveda Institute Instructor, Chapel Hill, NC



“Felice and I worked at the Department of Veterans Affairs, and we both completed the Duke University Certified Integrative Health Coaching program together. Felice really excelled during certification. Felice creates an inviting and accepting atmosphere helping those she coaches to achieve goals that align with personal values. Her warmth and skill is reflected in her one-on-one and group health coaching practices.

Cristen Koslik, MSW, LCSW
Certified Integrative Health Coach


“I am very pleased to support my colleague from our Doctorate of Nursing Practice program. Felice is a very energetic, skilled, and vibrant nurse with the desire and drive to exceed and excel. I personally plan to use her for referrals from my adult health practice as a health coach.”

Lisa Woodley, DNPs, AGPCNP, BSN, CCRN, RN