Do others consider you to be a high achiever, leader, or visionary? Do they look up to you as an example of success in some aspect of your life?

Are you so busy achieving career success that you do not have time to fit your own health in your demanding schedule?

Over the course of time, have your weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, or blood sugar numbers crept up?

Does it frustrate and overwhelm you to think of all the different health options, and have no idea of what’s best for you? Have you tried dieting and exercising but lacked consistency, or gained the weight back? Do you need someone to guide and navigate you through simple wellness steps that incorporate easily with your busy life?

If you are truly READY to make a positive shift in your own health, let’s see if there’s a great fit together to accomplish your health goals. We can have a conversation to explore if working together is a strong and compatible fit for your needs.

How Will Working with Felice Benefit You?

I’ve often found that people typically know what to do, however, each person has their own unique barriers that prevent them from successfully implementing what they know. I realize that everyone needs something different. I find out which areas are most challenging to you, and together we work on the area that concerns you most. Oftentimes, when we get past the barriers in your life we can make sustainable health changes.

What are the specific obstacles that you are personally facing at this time? For example, if you have a busy lifestyle where you’re always on the go, it may be beneficial to have lunchbox with an insulated cooler so you have healthy snacks and meals readily available. A small adjustment such as this can make a HUGE difference in your results. It is truly a compound effect because your actions add up over time. You need a coach to navigate you through the process so that the compound effect works for your benefit and to decrease your numbers. The compound effect for one’s life will always work in one direction or the other. Will you allow the compound effect to continue to increase your numbers? Or do you prefer to work with a coach to use the compound effect to push you to your weight loss and health goals?

What Exactly can You Expect when Working with Felice?

Once we decide that we are a good fit together, I must first start with a good assessment of where you are and your current goals. Based upon the results, I will have a clearer picture of what program is better for you.

Achieving your wellness goals does not have to be so hard, and I can help you on this journey.

What is different with working with me is that I look at the holistic view of you and your life. It’s often more than just a simple diet and exercise issue, usually, there are underlying issues. How is your stress, work-life, relationships, rest, nutrition, activity-level, spiritual wholeness, and your physical daily environment? This is why I do not produce cookie-cutter meal plans or exercise regimens (that is not included in this program).

Once we are able to explore the various holistic components of your life, then we dive deep into your vision of your ideal health, your most important personal life values, and strategically attack current obstacles to your health success. During this process together we will devise a game plan that works best for you, and which fits into your current lifestyle. You will begin to implement the changes and see results depending on your level of implementation. I will be there to guide you through the process, and to hold you accountable in a supportive environment that also requires your follow-through.

It’s important to realize that sometimes life happens and unexpected events may occur in your life, which may alter your goals or timeframes. Please note that your level of implementation is a critical key to success. Given that everyone’s body is different, everyone’s work schedule is different, and underlying factors may be different. Our sessions are highly individualized and are solely based on your life circumstances at the time we work together. Additionally, there may be underlying factors, health complexities, or other issues which neither you nor I can control. We will work around everything possible to achieve success together. There is no guarantee regarding results or the time frame at which they will be obtained.

Drop Your Numbers and Increase Your Joy Coaching Program

By starting with a 3-month program, depending on your goals (and underlying factors), you can expect weight loss, decreased clothing size, improved blood sugar readings, lower blood pressure, and/or lower cholesterol. You will also have an improved mindset, and increased confidence to accomplish any goal that you set in life or health. You will leave with specific strategies that are catered to your personal life at this time.

Depending on your original goals, you can obtain your expected weight loss, decreased clothing size, improved blood sugar readings, lower blood pressure, and/or lower cholesterol. In this program, you will adapt healthy behaviors that will change your life, and practice them with such consistency that they become a natural part of your life. Typically, once we achieve your first health goal, you may desire to work on other goals together which may or may not be health related. For example, one client gained so much confidence in losing weight that they battle for years, that they decided to set a new goal of working on a master’s degree (which was something that the previously never felt capable of considering). You will leave with lifestyle modifications and habits that will permeate and improve the health of your family as well. You will also have an increased self-efficacy and mental toughness to conquer any challenge set in front of you.

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3 Month Client Results

Charles: A male in his 50s that battled weight loss and diabetes for years. While working with me, he lost 30lbs in 2 months, and a total of 35lbs in 3 months. Charles also went from requiring 60units of Insulin every night, to doses so low that their doctor considered taking them completely off of Insulin (see testimonial section for pictures).

Franklin: A male in his 70s with a goal to lower his cholesterol without extra medication. While working with me, Franklin lowered his cholesterol more than 20 points, and lowered his blood pressure by 60 points without using additional medications. He obtained more vitality and became more active than he had been in years. He also completely changed the eating habits of his entire family.

Dorothy: Originally came with the goal of weight loss but quickly decided to change her focus to relationships. While working with me, Dorothy was able to break through years of personal barriers that held her back from successful relationships. She went from being single to now being very happy in her current relationship, and is expecting wedding bells in the future (see testimonial section).

Three Simple Steps to Get You Moving Towards Your Goal

  1. Schedule a free consultation discovery call directly with me to determine if we are both a great fit. It’s important to make sure your learning style and my unique approach to achieving your goals work together. To schedule your free 30 min consultation discovery call together click here.
  2. Once your appointment is made, you will receive the Victorious Health Questionnaire via email. Complete this questionnaire immediately after making the appointment. This questionnaire allows me to learn more about who you are, your personal goals, where you are currently, and what you desire to achieve in coaching.
  3. I will review your questionnaire prior to our discovery call, and during the call we will talk about your current challenges and goals. I will also recommend a plan of action and an initial time frame for us to work together. If we decide to work on your goals together, then we complete the simple process to get started.  I offer the option to pay in full or in easy monthly payment options.
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