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As a high-achieving professional woman, you’re always grinding. You’ve invested everything you’ve got into your career. And you’ve crushed every goal that’s been set in front of you. 

But somewhere along the way, in your pursuit to get to the top, you got really good at caring for everyone and everything…except yourself. 

The physical effects of unmanaged excessive stress are starting to catch up with you. 

You’re gaining weight. You’re struggling to sleep. And you often don’t feel well. 

While stress is a normal part of everyone’s life, unmanaged excessive stress can have devastating effects on your physical, mental and spiritual health. 

If we can be honest, you and I BOTH know that you can’t keep going like this.  

I know because I am that same high-achieving woman that everyone looked up to but was secretly suffering on the inside.  As a Doctor of Nursing, I knew what was going on in my body, but I did not know how to fix my own situation without neglecting my responsibilities or compromising my success.  Oftentimes, I felt alone in this struggle and because of my respected position, I could not open up to just anyone for help.

Meet Norma

Notice her face, neck, arms, and Smile!

Norma’s original goal: to lose one inch around her waistline in one month.
Goal Achieved: Norma actually lost 3 Inches from her waistline in one month.

Continued results: Norma lost 10 inches off her waistline in three months!

Original Waistline Measurement: 41 inches
Current Waistline Measurement: 31 inches

Norma is a single mother and grandmother, who works full-time in the school system, is active in her church, AND is completing her Masters of Business Administration online. During her journey, a few close people in her family died.

With accountability, support, and guidance you can achieve tremendous results even in the face of adversity.

“Dr. Felice has a gift to help women realize their worth and she provides tips and wisdom to help them reach their goals. Since working with Dr. Felice, my life is less chaotic. I’m intentional about finding time to take care of myself to enjoy life outside of being a service to others.”

Reverend Regina Boston, MBA, Assistant Director of New Hanover County Health and Human Services.

“Dr. Felice is an excellent speaker, Motivator, & encourager. I lost 5 lbs in one month after attending her workshop.”

Dr. Patricia Holiday. Ed.D. Retired Educator Pender County Schools

“I learned that stress can be managed in positive ways; it does not have to be self-defeating and self-destructive.”

Marian Reed, MSN, BSN, CEO of Care Provider Home Care

 More Peace
 True Joy
 Clarity
 Smaller Waistlines
 Deeper Spiritual connection
 Less Chaos and more control in their busy lives
 Enhanced Self-Care and rejuvenation in their schedule.

 Weight Loss
 Consistency in Healthy Habits
 Fewer Medications
 Increased Confidence to achieve goals that were once Impossible.
 Improved Relationships with their spouse and children.
 Increased Income and Job Promotions

You NEED a strategic guide and a supportive community of accountability, my program provides both!

WHY Hump Over the Holidays ™?

This is more than a “wellness or weight loss program.”  This is a premium virtual holistic approach with a supportive community of carefully selected women to encourage and support you while holding you accountable to achieve goals during this journey.  Being healthy is more than just losing weight.  True health encompasses healthy habits, less stress, self-care, spiritual wellness, and great relationships.  Our program focuses on all these components.

Your success will be facilitated by Dr. Felice Carlton, DNP, RN, FNP-C, a Doctor of Nursing Practice and a Certified Integrative Health Coach through Duke University.  Your success team also consists of licensed award-winning experts.

Dr. Carlton knows all too well, the plight of the successful woman who is well respected on the outside but secretly suffering and falling apart on the inside.

What makes this different than any other program?

This is not a cookie-cutter meal plan or exercise plan.  This is not a program with lots of happy emotions and no results.  My life exemplifies that I LIVE what I teach. As a Doctor of Nursing and Certified Integrative Health Coach through Duke University.  I have up to date clinical experience as I currently treat patients daily.  I am completely focused on results in your life. Furthermore, one of my gifts and strengths knowing how to ask the right questions to help you realize solutions or hidden obstacles that you never noticed in your life.  The most important part of working with me is that I get to the root of WHY you are experiencing challenges and then reverse engineer a practical plan that is customized to your busy schedule.

Research shows that clients (and patients in general) have better outcomes when there is a team approach to their success.  This allows for professional collaboration and for each expert to offer valuable insight from their perspective.

Mary Trybuskiewicz is a Licensed Registered Dietitian with more than 30 years of experience with creating and sustaining lasting outcomes in the lives of her clients.  Mrs. Trybuskiewicz is a graduate of the State University College at Buffalo in Clinical Dietetics.  She has a strong passion for high-achieving women; she is known for her individualized approach to helping clients achieve and maintain whole-body health from the inside out.  Mrs. Trybuskiewicz loves guiding and inspiring her clients to achieve their health and nutrition goals, and making their dreams come true.

Kobe Campbell is a Licensed Therapist based in Charlotte, NC. She is the CEO of the Healing Circle, LLC.  Mrs. Campbell specializes in providing trauma therapy to women; and is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and high achieving women conquer their past so they can pursue their purpose.  

Dr. Carlton is a highly requested speaker, Doctor of Nursing Practice, and a Certified Integrative Health Coach through Duke University.  She is known as a medical expert commentator for ABC, CBS, and the local news. With more than a decade of award-winning experience, Dr. Carlton has created significant changes in the lives of patients and clients across the country. Dr. Carlton is well-known for inspiring audiences to create quick results in their lives.

Hump Over the Holidays™ is the kick-off to a virtual transformational movement of driven high-achieving professional women wanting to take charge of their health by:

(1) creating the BEST health of their life
(2) decreasing overwhelming stress
(3) prioritizing relaxing self-care and rejuvenation.  

Wellness and weight loss are more than just eating habits and exercise. There deeper reasons behind WHY you may gain weight. My medical background gives me the expertise to determine if unknown medical factors are also affecting your weight, health, and success. A significant part of any health consequences in busy driven women is the overwhelming stress you encounter on a daily basis. It’s so normal to you, that you probably do not even realize how stressed you are. If so, you do not know how to stop the feelings of exhaustion and overwhelm without compromising your responsibilities and level of success.

  • 60-minute Initial detailed strategy call with Dr. Felice Carlton to discover where you’re stuck and help devise a plan ($547 value)
  • 8 Weekly Training and Q&A Calls on Customized Wellness topics taught be industry experts and catered to your needs ($1,947 value)
  • Access to Registered Dietician with more than 30 years of experience creating sustainable results in professional women ($647)
  • Personalized Health and Wellness Assessment Overview ($97 value)
  • Access to an Award-Winning Licensed Professional Therapist with a proven track record of life-changing outcomes in mind-body health among in professional women ($797)
  • 8 Weekly email check-ins with Dr. Felice Carlton to help jump start the following week ($197 value)
  • An accountability partner on this journey with you
  • 30-minute Strategy call with Dr. Felice Carlton near the end of program to discuss continued success for 2020 ($247 value) 
  • A trustworthy community of like-minded supportive women on this journey with you
  • Support, encouragement, and accountability (PRICELESS)

What are you waiting for??!!

Stop trying to fight this battle alone in secret and shame.

Now is the time for REAL transformation, and REAL personalized support from proven experts.

Ladies we take care of everyone else. When will you choose to take care of yourself in the way you deserve?

This program will allow you to transform from the tired shell of a person to the vibrant, healthy, peaceful, rejuvenated, healed, whole woman that you long to embrace.

Every high achiever needs a like-minded community and a guide.

Remember, your superpowers do not work on youIf you could fix yourself and sustain the results, it would’ve already happened.
Every expert in our program is licensed, well experienced, and passionate about making a transformation in the lives of professional women


Can anyone participate?
No. This program is not for everyone. In fact, there are less than 13 spots remaining.
Each participant is personally hand-selected by Dr. Felice to ensure they are a great fit for the synergy of the group and the program. Schedule your chat TODAY with Dr. Felice to discuss the program. There were a total of 15 spots, and two are already taken by clients that want to work with Dr. Felice again.

Why start a program over the holidays? Shouldn’t I just wait until January?
Oftentimes busy professional women really “fall off the bandwagon” over the holidays in various goals (wellness, stress relief, weight gain, etc). Ladies participating in this program will be in momentum when the new year arrives. These ladies will already have solid results and an action plan in place for their goals for 2020. Don’t wait another year to set New Years resolutions that will never be kept. How long have you experienced these challenges? Do you really want to wait even longer for the results you desire?

How do I get started?
Click HERE to schedule your initial chat with Dr. Felice. Your call will help to identify if you both are a great fit. Afterward, you can get started making progress immediately even before the program kicks off.

Is there a guarantee?
No- Your results depend on your level of action and commitment to yourself.
However, every person that has ever worked with Dr. Carlton followed their customized plan and consistently took action, had achieved results quickly and on a much larger scale than they anticipated.

Topics Covered:

  • The Unknown Physical Manifestations of stress and how you improve your overall health by applying a few simple tips
  • 13 Unknown Causes of Weight Gain in Professional Women
  • How to Eat Healthy over the Holidays and still enjoy Your Experiences
  • Mind and Body Health- Recognizing Hidden Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression and how to fix them before they begin to take over your life
  • Establishing a solid, proven plan for continued Wellness Success in 2020
  • Quick Exercises to incorporate daily to quickly take inches off your waistline
  • There is room to customize for any burning topics that you are dying to know