Have you ever been in a point in your life when it seemed like EVERYTHING was falling apart?  Before you could handle one crisis or problem, three new ones appeared.  It can be SOOOO overwhelming.

What about having to maintain a certain look, excellent reputation, and intense responsibility WHILE you’re trying to put these shattered pieces of your life together? Well, that was me in 2015. From the outside looking in, people saw a successful, driven, hard-working, brilliant young lady who had everything together. Little did they know, on the inside I was completely crushed. What turned out to be a chain of hapless events, snowballed over the course of summer 2015 making it one that I’ll never forget.

All of these events happened in ONE SUMMER

  • 4 Important people died suddenly in the summer of 2015
    • My Uncle (who I just spoke to on the phone the night before)
    • My best-friend’s mom
    • One of my closest friend’s first-born child dropped dead suddenly
    • A former business partner was killed in a tragic accident
  • The guy who I thought was my husband broke up with me
  • My doctoral program increased up to 90 hours a week of work

Consequently, I was forced to leave my full time job in order to keep up with the demands of school, which of course meant that I no longer had health insurance nor income coming in. I was beyond stressed to the point that my hair fell out and I gained 25lbs over the span of 3 months. My heart rate and blood pressure were constantly increasing, I couldn’t sleep, I was sad, grieving, hurt…just all around broken. I experienced blatant racism and age discrimination in my doctoral program, the same program that I worked so hard to get in and stay in. 

Despite the craziness in my life, I worked hard to achieve and maintain a 4.0 GPA in school. However, this prompted one of my instructors to not only doubt my abilities, but to also tell me that I “wasn’t doctoral material, didn’t have leadership abilities, and would never graduate.” Needless to say, this drove me to my breaking point. Although it’s been 5 years since that distressing summer, I still fight back the tears as I write this post, remembering that pivotal time in my life.

Listen to my story below and learn how I learned to position adversity as an accelerator in my life instead of an oppressor.