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Do you want to hear from a passionate speaker that will inspire, teach proven strategies, and leave a lasting impact on your audience? Will you benefit from hearing a unique, heart-felt perspective that is catered to your group and their needs? Are you tired of hearing just inspiration which soon dies after you collide with life’s reality? Do you desire to receive specific implementation strategies that can be easily incorporated into your life and will yield tangible outcomes?

If you answered yes to these questions, Dr. Felice Carlton is the perfect speaker for you and your organization.

Dr. Felice is a well sought-after speaker for various topics such as: health and wellness, self-rejuvenation, achieving audacious goals, competitive-edge advancement, and fearlessly outshining competition. She is most notably known for helping leaders, visionaries, and high-achievers discover ways to fit a healthy lifestyle into their busy schedules.

Some of her most popular presentation topics include:

Health and Wellness

  • The Super Woman Facade is Secretly Sucking the Life Out of Successful Women
  • High Achievers Need Healthy Minds and Healthy Bodies
  • Take Charge of Your Health
  • I’m Too Busy for Health to Fit in my Schedule
  • Unlocking Barriers to Your Health
  • Heart Health
  • Emergency or Not

Courageous Goals and Competitive Advancement

  • Position Adversity as an Accelerator Instead of an Oppressor
  • Transition: Creating Success Pathways to Your Purpose
  • Projecting Forward Despite Adversity
  • A Champion Mindset Achieves Audacious Goals
  • How to Audaciously Outshine Competition

Speaker Reel

Event highlights


Felice told a story about her mentor that was so heart-felt that it really impacted me and changed the atmosphere of the whole room. She is an awesome and dynamic speaker that kept my interest the entire time she spoke. Felice presented herself so well that I made an emotional connection, and I pictured myself in the story that she told. Her presentation style made the information feel so real and relevant to me. I usually don’t ever remember speeches and presentations; but Felice captivated my attention so much, that I actually remembered her mentor’s name, and her story left an impression with me for many days after the presentation.

Carolyn Williams, Owner and Director of Golden Treasures Childcare, Durham, NC


I really enjoyed listening to Felice’s presentation on Heart Health. Her passion for healthcare and empowering others about being proper advocates for their healthcare really shows. She used excellent mediums and examples to drive home the importance of taking care of our hearts. I appreciated her directness and professionalism in answering all our questions. The story Felice used in her example made me stop and examine my own life. Thanks to her presentation, I see some areas that I need to improve and I have made an action plan to do better.

Andrea Williams
WTA Tax & Accounting Group, LLC
Managing Partner


I am always delighted to sit and hear presentations from Felice Carlton who is well trained in the discipline of nursing. Felice Carlton has been our inspiring and informative speaker in the area of healthcare, for two events that I attended. Through her vast healthcare knowledge and extraordinary speaking ability, it was very clear to me that Felice has a strong passion to impact people lives to achieve better health, and an overall increase in quality of life with family and community.

Felice Carlton spoke on diabetes and other associated diabetes complications at an event I attended a few years ago. This year she gave another informative presentation on hypertension (high blood pressure) and hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol). Felice spoke to the audience with clarity, passion and in a non-esoteric language.

Dr. Percy J Phillips-PharmD, Pharmacy Supervisor, Non-IV Compound Coordinator, Cape Fear Valley Medical Center
Fayetteville, NC

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